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Miss October

October 19, 2014


Another weekend another title. Yep, Bailey added more letters to her name this weekend. Pending approval Bailey Bug is now GCH Solstice Flying Circus, RATO, RATI.


I am so proud of Bug, my pick puppy from my first Cardigan litter (PJ x Lindy) She got to finish her Championship twice after a points calculation mistake. She was awarded 2nd in the BBE class at the CWCCA Nationals. She is a wonderful barnhunter, being the second cardigan to earn an Open Barnhunt title.


She was also my AKC National Owner Handler Series entry finishing the points year ranked #15.


She always did her best for me and I told her that she could be done with the breed ring (excluding Nationals) as soon as she finished her grand, she finished and went right to her retirement couch.

She says, see ya in the barn!


Vote for Lindy Hop

October 14, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALindy has a photo on the Publix pet photo competition. We would love to win some people food.

She is entry 6483 or search by her name, Lindy.

The power of dogs

October 9, 2014

It is amazing the way dogs change our lives. Yesterday was a very sad day, as not one but two beautiful Corgi girls left this earth for the Rainbow Bridge. Both of them gave me a very important gift which I will be forever grateful.

The beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Phoebe, ABISS, Multiple ABIMBS, Multiple ARBIMBS, ALCH, Multiple Champion Tri-umph Tender Promise, CD, RE, THD, CRC, TDIA, TT was the first “show dog” for my best friend Leslie Reed. Without Phoe, (and her housemate Pennie) Leslie may have never shown up at a kennel club meeting and our paths may have never crossed. My life would be much different without Leslie and Bob and I am so thankful that Phoebe was part of what brought us together.

The second great lady to leave us is Spirit, Ch. Myrddin Scotch Mist. Spirit is PJ’s momma. I fell in love with her when I saw her at the Nationals and she just filled my eye. I kept an eye on her career and sent her owner Marian Mizelle, congratulatory notes when she took a nice group placements. I wanted part of Spirit. I was thrilled when Marian agreed to sell PJ to Kathy Davis and myself, a co-ownership that sealed Kathy and my friendship and brought my beautiful boy home.

My heart hurts for Leslie and Bob and for Marian on their losses. But it is with great thanks that these two lovely girls left a legacy in my life.

Rest well dear ones and thank you.

A Rattie Saturday

September 22, 2014

We had a fun day on Saturday at the FPOS Barnhunt trial in Cumming, GA.  We haven’t had any barnhunt practice since July so I wasn’t sure what the girls would do at the trial but they were super girls!

I entered Bailey in Open and Lindy in Novice. This was Lindy’s second try at Barnhunting and Bailey’s first real attempt at Open.  I moved her up the day she finished her Novice but she was not ready for the next level.

Bailey was the star, she earned a 1st and 2nd place for her 1st two Open legs.  Lindy sadly had a great hunt in both trials but didn’t make the bale climb before time ran out so she failed to Qualify but had a fun time none the less.

I can’t say enough how much fun it is to watch the dogs work.  I don’t care if they Q or not as long as they are having fun but the ribbons feel good to the human member of the team.

Are you prepared?

September 18, 2014

Fires, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, long term power outages. Natural and man made disasters can spell trouble for you and your dogs.

The key to surviving these traumatic events is preparation. Everyone should have an emergency kit available in case they have to evacuate their home. This kit should always be on hand either in place that is easily accessible or in a vehicle. Put it together now so that during times of stress it is one thing less to worry about. Everyone should have a kit for their family and one for the dogs. The following is a suggestion for your dog emergency kit.

Your Dog emergency kit should contain the following items:

Your emergency contact list, this information should be kept current at all times, make sure you include:

Your own contact information, cell phone numbers, email addresses
A friend or relative who lives outside of your area, preferably some one who knows your dogs
A Local contact
Veterinarian’s contact information
A local boarding facility
The local Animal control facility
A contact with your local or regional or All breed club.

Dog ID information:

Each dog should have a folder, notebook or file, which contains a copy of:
Copy of the dog’s identification records
AKC registration
Microchip number
DNA profile
Local licenses and copy of current vaccinations
Current photo and physical description and a premade poster for missing animals to attach current photos to if needed.

Emergency items:

You should be able to quickly locate crates for all dogs being evacuated. Folding wire works best since they can be more easily stored.
A collar for each dog with an ID tag attached with your emergency contact information
Leashes short and long
Food and Water bowls
Dog rug or blanket
A tie out stake
Waste bags/pooperscooper/deodorizer for accidents
Familiar toys/treats/rawhide or hoof to fight off boredom
Vitamins and/or nutrition supplement (helps with stress)
Food and water, recommended minimum 7 day supply and water with a 5 year shelf life.

First Aid kit

Most of us travel with a First aid kit, you may want to have an emergency kit that includes eye wash, Betadine, Peroxide, scissors, gauze and tape, quikstop, tweezers, anti diarrhea medicine, antibiotic cream, Epsom salts, baby wipes, vetwrap, Flea and tick treatments, 7 days worth of prescription meds or normal supplements. Check with your veterinarian for more suggestions.

Now that you have your Emergency kit prepared take a moment and think about how you would get your dogs loaded and evacuated with less than 1 hours notice. How would you leave your property, what are the routes you would need to use to evacuate? Hopefully your emergency kit will never be needed but being prepared can help make an emergency safer and less stressful.

Weekend update

September 14, 2014
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Miss Bailey bug had a pretty nice weekend at the Chattanooga KC shows. She was Best of Breed and Best Owner Handler both days. She also was awarded a Group 3 Owner Handler today under judge Fred Bassett. I believe that leaves her just 2 points shy of her Grand Championship. She showed great this weekend, even with being in standing season.

Always proud to show my first daughter.

I’m afraid of Rescue and it makes me sad

September 11, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I attended a book fair author panel featuring one of my favorites, Spencer Quinn of Chet and Bernie fame. It seems that part of his agreement to come speak was for the event to invite a local rescue organization to set up an adoption booth at the venue.   On leaving the panel discussion sure enough there was a pop up tent with a group of 10 or 12 big friendly mixed breed dogs who were clearly they’re looking for their homes of their own.   That makes me sad.

Of course as dog lover to my core my first instinct was to go over to visit my furry obsessions only to pause and then pass by only later realizing I was afraid of rescue. And that made me very sad.

As a legacy breeder of purpose bred dogs I will no longer stand in the shadows and apologize for my love of creating wonderful dogs and because of that I am more likely to avoid all things rescue.   My expectation is not one of a common goal to find loving and responsible homes for dogs but I expect vitriol and loathing and that makes me sad.

In polite company you shouldn’t speak about religion or politics and I have begun to add rescue to that list as well. Most people are well-meaning and have a great desire to help but the most vocal are like reformed smokers or religion zealots or “winged” politicians.   Whose view is “my way or the highway” and the rest of you are off to some parts very, very south and hot of here. I can’t tell from a glance which are which so I just avoid them all. There are good people out there but I am now suspicion of all of them and that makes me sad.

I wish more people would take the time to educate themselves. There are many great dogs that need homes both mixed breeds and purpose bred dogs. I wish people would work on choosing the right dog for them and if they want something that has certain characteristics, size, coat, temperament etc. then buy a dog from an ethical, responsible breeder or breed rescue and be OK with it. If you just are looking for a good companion then find an ethical rescue and get a new friend and be OK with that too.  Because it is not OK for people to be bullied for their choice in finding a dog by “the other side” when instead we should all be rejoicing that a good dog has a good home.

I really don’t want to be afraid of rescue, I want to support them but the divide between responsible, ethical breeders and rescue seems to be wider than ever before and that is what is truly sad because I don’t know how to fix it.  Sad indeed.


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