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Puppy Questionnaire and Kennel Policies



Kennel Policies:

Interested  parties are asked to provide the following information:

(please copy and paste the information and email to



Phone #:

Email Address:

Male/Female preference:

Interested in a Show or Performance puppy?

I keep an interested party list for puppy buyers.  I do not take deposit until the litter has been born and we know what sex/colors are available.  Once we know there are puppies available I will then take a deposit to hold your puppy.  Currently the cost of a Solstice puppy is $800 plus shipping cost.   Puppy prices sometime change depending on the how the litter is bred but you can expect somewhere between $700 – $1000.  There is no difference in cost of a “show” puppy vs a “companion” (pet) puppy.  All puppies are raised with exactly the same care and concern.  Show puppies have additional requirements in their contracts and companion puppies are placed on AKC limited registration and must be spayed or neutered.

I prefer not to ship but if flights and connections can be worked out I will ship a puppy if conditions are correct.

Puppies come from Solstice with age appropriate vaccinations, microchip and are AKC registered.   I will consult puppy buyers on their chosen names prior to sending in AKC registration.  Each puppy comes with a contract that spells out expectations and guarantees for both the breeder (me) and the buyer.

I understand that people who are looking for companion puppies often times are on other people’s waiting lists as well and all I ask is that you let me know if/when you choose a breeder or there is a puppy available for you so that I don’t hold a puppy for you and put someone else on a waiting list.

If you would like to discuss a puppy or would like to see a boilerplate copy of my contract feel free to contact me.  I am always happy to talk about Cardigans!  Half the fun of having and placing puppies is making new friends.

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