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Words Matter – if you love your pets read this!

February 5, 2016

This an article from Best in Show Daily and if you love your pets you need to read this!  Animal rights is not Animal welfare!

Here is the link to the original article at Best in Show Daily, I also copied the text below.

Words Matter…Posted By Elizabeth BrinkleyIn Dogs & People Learn! Political Beat

The indignant people who have informed me they will call their dog what they want, can’t see the forest for the trees. The animal rights cults have a plan and one of the tools they use is called “incrementalism” – one step at a time, one inch at a time, one bad law at a time. They have worked on their plan for years. They have convinced us all breeders are bad. That professional breeders are “puppymills”. That no one should make money raising dogs. They have encouraged us to look on dogs as emotional substitutes for children and call them “furbabies” and “furkids”. Sounds harmless – right? The plan is simple – indoctrinate the public to think of dogs as “almost human” and then they push for “rights” for the animals. They push for “better care” for the animals but that is better care by THEIR standards and they will find ways to make sure it is impossible to live up to those standards. They push to end the slavery of ownership (and yes they really do talk like that). They push for laws to have owners declared as “guardians”. There is a reason for that. The word guardian has a well-established track record in the legal system. If the word “guardian” is applied to you, then the state can come in and decide if your care of your ward is adequate or not. If they decide in their infinite wisdom with all the profound knowledge of animal husbandry that these noble bureaucrats have at their fingertips (and yes that is sarcasm) then they will remove your animal and under the law they would be able to take your dog and you would have NO recourse because you weren’t a fit “guardian”.

Do I occasionally refer to myself as mom to my dogs? Yes, but I make a conscious effort to NEVER do so in public unless I am around other dog people who will know that I do not consider myself to be the mother of a dog (although I know of people who think of me as a bitch). Do I think dogs are incredible? Yes, BUT they are not “almost human”. Dogs don’t have morals or ethics. That tongue that licks your face probably licked that dog’s butt or another dog’s butt in the last 24 hours. Your dog will breed with a close relative because they don’t know any better. They will eat poop. They will attack a bunny and destroy before your eyes. THEY ARE DOGS. I honor my dogs for their intelligence in working with humans and the unconditional love they give but I never forget they are ANIMALS and they will react like animals in a bad situation.

‘A dog is NOT “almost human,” and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such’. — John Holmes

Every time we anthropomorphize a dog and attribute human emotions to an animal we take one more step down the slippery path, helping the animal rights cults remove animals from our lives. That is the goal of animal “rights” – NO animals. Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder and President of PETA wrote of her vision for the future of our pets: “As the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship — enjoyment at ‘a distance.’” “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding…

“One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding” — Wayne Pacelle – President of the Humane Society of the United States.

Animal rights” is not “cool” and it’s not “politically correct!” “Animal rights” is a radical, extremist, and cult-like belief. It is dangerous for humans and animals. Folks who choose this misanthropic path have the right to make that choice, but they do not have the right to force this horribly anti-human and dangerous belief system on the rest of society through their campaigns of lies and misinformation. I think it is time and past to watch our language and set folks straight about what we do and why we do it. So if you want to go on referring to your dog as your baby, your furkid, your furbaby, you can do that but there will be no complaints allowed when they come to take away your baby because they don’t agree with the way you care for it. It is time to “rescue” the language affecting our animals and people’s perception of them. It took 30 years for animal rights to hijack our language and then seek to steam roller us with it. It is time to take it back. Or to quote Jay Kitchner’s kick butt article “Take back the conversation”.

Look what Mr. Chewy sent us

January 24, 2016


We get our food from Chewy and they have wonderful customer service and they work really hard to find out what pets and people really like.  One of the things they do is to send products out monthly for bloggers to try and review, Chewy sends them at no cost in return for an honest review.  This month Chewy sent us two products to review and this is the first one, the Outward Hound Kibble Drop. Since the weather has been ugly and we have been in the house a lot so I thought it was a good time to try the game.


What’s this? The Cardi kids were very curious about it, well duh, they knew there was food in there.


Let’s get the food! How do we get it? Banner tried from the top, and she was really the only who flipped the doors open.


Bailey’s solution, take the whole thing and dump the kibble on the floor.




So how are we reviewing this product? Probably not a great adult Cardi puzzle. It is a little light weight and those tricky Cardigans will just cheat and turn it over. I think it could be a fun toys for puppies and smaller dogs.  I will add it to my puppy enrichment tools.

Thanks Chewy for letting the Solstice gang try it out.  Get one for yourself at

The year that was

January 7, 2016

2015 has been a weird competition year for Solstice.  I love dog shows and showing in the conformation ring has always been my place in the fancy but this year we only ventured into the breed ring twice, once at the big Louisville shows in March and the CWCCA nationals.  Having a house full of Champions/Grand Champions is very cool but it also makes you think about what you are going to do on the weekends.

Dog shows for me are very social, I see my dog show friends and family, I hang out with my best Buds and without a reason to go to them I have to re-think the weekends.  Lucky for me the dogs never disappoint and there are a lot of other venues to play in and 2015 was a year of discovery.

We started off the year by entering our first Obedience trial.  Miss Frosty and I began working on our Beginner Novice title and our first outing had some issues with “stay” we Q’d once and started our journey.


In February Bailey earned her Senior Barnhunt title, becoming the first Cardigan to achieve that title.  I was so proud of her!


In March, Frost and I went to the Louisville shows.  This show cluster was voted the #1 dog show in the country for the previous year.  It was quite the thing.   We took a couple of turns around the ring for fun and just enjoyed the show.  Additionally in March we had another opportunity for our Beginner Novice title and again Frosty just couldn’t stick the stay but we did manage another Q which was just fine as it set us up nicely to finish our title at the CWCCA nationals the next month.

April was the month for the CWCCA National Specialty Show and we started out trying something new.  Lindy and her kids Bailey, Bonnie and Charlie went herding and earned their Herding Instinct Test.  They all loved those sheep!  Then it was Frosty’s turn back in the Obedience ring and Ta Da! 2 first places and a new title (our first obedience title).   PJ also strutted his stuff around in the veteran’s classes.  Of course his veteran’s class is chock full of beautiful dogs but as always he made me proud.






As we seem to do we took the summer off, I did some non-doggy thing including a trip to San Francisco and the dogs hung out at home and chased squirrels.


In September we tried another new doggy game, I entered Bailey in the CAT in Chattanooga, TN.  The CAT is the Coursing Ability Test which gives non sighthounds the opportunity to chase the lure.  I wasn’t sure if she would like it but I figured we could try it out.  She was nuts for it!  She flew after the lure and got her 1st two Q ribbons.   We also went Barnhunting, Bailey started her Master title hunt and Lindy had her 2nd chance in Novice.   The Master Rats beat us but Lindy picked her Novice Qs for her RATN title.  The NGABHA had a fun day and I took Bailey and Frost out to see the sheep and they both (along with Bonnie and Charlie) should great instinct and interest.  Hopefully we will get to herd sometime in the future.



October had a lot of activities and club duties but we did manage to sneak in one more Barnhunt, sadly the Master Rats were still beating Bailey and I but Lindy picked up two Open legs towards her RATO title.

In November I chaired the Atlanta Obedience Club’s November Obedience trial and attended the fall CWCCA BOD meeting which didn’t leave much weekend room for doggy fun but we did make a quick run to Tennessee to run CAT one day and Bailey ran fast and complete CAT title and earned the first 1st Q towards her Advanced title. 


December was all about work and RAIN and holidays and I had planned on one more barnhunt opportunity but we just had so much going on that sleep was important so we took the month off.


So that is our year in a nutshell, not a bad one for the Solstice Gang.  2, almost 3 new Barnhunt titles, 1 Obedience title, 1 CAT title and 2 CWCCA Herding Instinct Certificates.  But even more importantly, lots of fun with my dogs and my friends which is why I do it in the first place.

In April of 2016 I will rotate off of the CWCCA Board of Directors, I have enjoyed and been proud to serve the National club but 3 terms was enough and this will free my mind for my job as President of the Atlanta Obedience Club and all of the local activities.

There was sadness in 2015 with the loss of Wicca and sweet Henwy. Always in my heart.

So what is in store for 2016?  I plan to work on Bailey’s Master Barnhunt title and finish Lindy’s Open title.   Frost and I are working on Rally Advanced and Companion Dog titles.  Bailey will keep running in CAT as long as she loves it and work on the Advance title.  I’m also going to start Bailey in Rally Novice for fun.  I’d like to get the girls to a few herding lessons this year and I’d like to start tracking with someone.  Oh, and have fun!



Here kitty, kitty, CAT!

November 23, 2015

Bailey has some new letters to add to her name.  She completed the requirements to earn her CAT title.   The CAT is the Coursing Ability Test.

The Coursing Ability Test (CAT) is an introductory event fashioned after the sport of lure coursing. It tests a dog’s basic coursing instinct or hunting-by-sight ability. The dog chases an artificial lure, and the test is a non-competitive pass/fail event with dogs run one at a time. To pass the test, a dog running alone must pursue a lure, completing the course with enthusiasm and without interruption within a given time. 

Bailey is now formally as GCH Solstice Flying Circus, CA, RATS, RATI
This fun…..

CSPN7514 leads to this…….


Which leads to this!


I think she had a good time.

Super September 

September 28, 2015
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I know some Cardigans that have been having a lot of fun.

 Bailey and I went to our first CAT trial (CAT = Course Ability Test).

She had to excellent runs, she had a ball! Can you tell?  She happily earned her first 2 legs of her CA title. We only entered one day so we will be looking for an opportunity to run again.


Then next weekend we went to the North Georgia Herding group’s herding fun day.  Bailey and Frost (along with Charlie and Bonnie) had an excellent time with the sheepies.


Of course we haven’t had enough fun so Frosty went with me to work at Atlanta Obedience Club’s agility trial and I entered her in the match after the trial. She hadn’t done agility in at least a year. She had fun and did a great job.

Then we went Barnhuntin, Bailey and I debuted in The Master class and yep, it’s hard  and it was Rats 4  – Team Bailey 0.  The rats didn’t win everything as momma dog Lindy earned her Novice title with 2 first and a second place runs.

What fun we had in September what does October have in store for us.

Summer Days Slipping Away

September 3, 2015

Seems like just yesterday we were waiting for summer to get here and then BOOM it was here and now it is almost gone, it is September already!

Maybe it is from living in the desert all those years or maybe it is just the hot weather in general but the Solstice dogs seem to typically take it easy over the summer and this summer was no different.  The dogs spent the summer laying on the deck, chasing squirrels, eating watermelon and just being dogs.  They were champions at those activities.  We did very little training and most of the gang hasn’t left the place since May.  Even our Obedience club took the summer off.   I will say that I kept the gang home from some public events because of the Canine Flu/Kennel Cough that has been so prevalent this spring and summer and everyone has had a healthy summer.

But now it is September and I had a phone conversation last night with my good friend Kathy Davis, (Kathy is PJ and Frosty’s co-owner who lives in Arizona) and she asked me about what was going on with us here in the ATL.  I realized that for the rest of 2015 is going to be a whirlwind!  We have a pretty quiet Labor Day weekend but after that it is on like Donkey Kong.

Next weekend we will be heading up the road a piece to Chattanooga to try our paws at CAT (Coursing Ability Test).  I am going to let Bailey give it a try.  Here is the description from the AKC

Coursing Ability Test

The Coursing Ability Test (CAT) is an introductory event fashioned after the sport of lure coursing. It tests a dog’s basic coursing instinct or hunting-by-sight ability. The dog chases an artificial lure, and the test is a non-competitive pass/fail event with dogs run one at a time. To pass the test, a dog running alone must pursue a lure, completing the course with enthusiasm and without interruption within a given time. Most dogs will happily go after the lure! The CAT provides a lively and healthy activity attractive to many dog owners.

The weekend after that the North Georgia Herding Breeds Association is having a Herding Fun Day.  Bailey and Frost have it marked on their calendar along with Cody and her two kids, Charlie and Bonnie. I’m looking forward to it after I saw how much fun the dogs had when they passed their Herding Instinct Test at the CWCCA Nationals.  I hope I learn some new things as well.
We still have one more weekend in September and the will be taken up by Barnhunting!  We haven’t been to a hunt since President’s day weekend, Bailey will start her quest for her Master’s title and now that Lindy has learned she can jump onto the bales we are going to try for her Novice title.

If the dog stuff wasn’t enough we have a Book Festival, an Arts & Craft Festival, A Food Truck Day, a trip to the Botanical gardens, training classes start and my club’s agility trial.  Whoa! September is going to be BUSY.  October is just as packed!

In October the humans have several festivals, including the Cheese Festival, some sporting events, and another club agility trial to work, club meetings, board meetings and a big barnhunt at the end of the month along with some local dog shows that may need attending.

So I guess with this weekend being the unofficial last day of summer, the dogs better chase the squirrels because they are going to be busy doing other things for the next few weeks.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.


You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig…….

June 15, 2015

There is a new “fashion” trend in the dog world.  There are people selling “Blue Merle Pembroke Welsh Corgis”  They are marketed as rare and special, guess what folks?  They are crossbreds, there is NO SUCH THING as a Blue Merle Pembroke.   Don’t get sucked in by a slick sales pitch and pay big bucks for a crossbred dog masquerading as a registered purebred.  Ask questions!  Know the facts!  Don’t fall for the scammers!

Remember you if you put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

Here is a website that gives you information regarding what is true and what isn’t:

#bluecorgis, #bluemerlecorgi, #bluemerlepembrokecorgi, #bluemerelepembrokewelshcorgi



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