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A relaxing Saturday

September 28, 2008

Ok maybe not really relaxing but since I’ve spent the last month either working or traveling on the weekend any weekend at home is relaxing and it will be my last for awhile.

We started the day by participating in Onate Trail Dog Fanciers Association’s AKC Responsible Dog Owner’s Day.  We had a booth at the El Paso Country Fair, an event that is held each year as a fund raiser for at risk children.  We talked about responsible dog ownership, did a meet the breed demo and just hung around and chatted with folks.

OTDFA's RDO booth


The dogs had a fun time, I took PJ and Lindy along today. Lindy has never been a fan of crowds but she had a blast today.  They hung out, visited the “duck pond” and won some stuffy toys.
Lindy on a Haybale

Lindy on a Haybale

The Cardi Kids hung out at the hay bales so they would be taller and could get more pets.
PJ at the duck pond

PJat the duck pond

Lindy at the duck pond

Lindy at the duck pond

After I left RDO I hurried home so I could help load up and head out to our tailgate party.  I’m a huge college sports fan and tonight we had UTEP football.  Our little sports gang set up our tailgate and relaxed in the parking lot before the game.
Mom, Cody and Jess tailgating

Mom, Cody and Jess tailgating

We had a good time tonight as UTEP broke it’s 9 game losing streak by beating C-USA defending champs UCF 58 – 13.  It was FUN to be the winner.  Our kicker even kicked a 64 yard field goal which broke school and conference records and is the 2nd longest FG in NCAA history.
Go Miners!

Go Miners!

Go team!

Go team!

Not the 64 yarder but it was good

Not the 64 yarder but it was good


Now back to your regularly scheduled dog programing…………..

Good news from our doggy family, Kathy’s Missy who is our Candy’s sister was WB for 2 points down south, Leslie’s Pem girl Phoebe was Best Veteran and Herding Group 2 today in Tennessee and Miss Pippin and Polly competed in Agility today and finished their AXJ title.  We hope Pip is a “working mom”.

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